Old walls with stories to tell!

Time to take time off. Free up your heart and head with a good glass of wine, get the feel of our land with its distinctive character and vineyards overlooking the lake. Castel Sallegg is a treasure chest filled with impressive personalities, unique narratives and a tradition we have been building on for over 170 years.

You will experience all this in Sallegg Castle when you descend with soft goose bumps into the cool, historic wine cellar, which lies up to 10 meters below ground. During our guided tours we tell stories about wine and our vineyards near the Lake Caldaro and the ancestors, archdukes and viceroys. And during guided tastings we enjoy our new wines together in the guest garden also with bruschettas as the mood takes us. 

Castel Sallegg is easily accessible on foot from the village center of Caldaro, in the castle courtyard there is parking for cars and parking for bicycles.



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