"Bischofsleiten" DOC Alto Adige Lago di Caldaro Scelto Classico

Tradition for connoisseurs

The Bischofsleiten, a location that belonged to the Bishops of Trento some 1,000 years ago, is one of the best around Lake Caldaro. The grapes for the “Bischofsleiten”, a Lago di Caldaro Scelto Classico wine, thrive on the traditional pergola training system in a single vineyard. This system is highly suited to the Schiava grape as the leaf canopy protects the thin skin of the fruits from excessive exposure to the sun.

The wine is a bright ruby red in hue and has a charmingly uncomplicated scent with typical Schiava notes of cherry, violet, a hint of bitter almonds and fine herbs and spices. It is pleasant and fine on the palate with a subtle acidity and mild tannins, with notes of raspberry in the finish.

Our “Bischofsleiten” pairs very well with light dishes, poultry and light meats.

Tasting notes:

Light ruby colour and a typical straightforward fragrance with delicate notes of raspberry and herbs.

Straight-forward fragrance with delicate notes of raspberry and herbs.

Pleasant and mildly tannic with a delicate acidity on the palate. Elegant finish with subtle hints of cherry and strawberry.


Cellaring recommendations: Up to 5 years

Wine and food pairing: Excellent with light cuisine, poultry and white meat.

Grape variety: 100% Schiava

Terroir: Kaltern - Bischofsleiten: 230 to 280 m above sea level.Single vineyard at Lake Kaltern.Medium-textured sandy loam that heats up quickly thanks to its location on a steep hillside, creating an ideal environment.

Training system: Traditional pergola

Yield per vine: 2 kg - 80 hl/ha

Production process: Controlled mash fermentation at 25°C for 2 weeks approximately, followed by malolactic fermentation. Gentle pigeage extracts colouring and flavouring agents from the skins.

Aging: Aged in stainless steel tanks for 4 months.

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