“On the Banks of the Lake”, Caldaro’s third enclosed vineyard

Through their eyes and into the soul – that is how the grapes in our Seehof vineyard take in what lies before them: the gentle lake, the lovely landscape, the evening feeling, the yearning. Born from history, a living history.
Essence of our thinking, of our being. The vineyard, rising gracefully up like an amphitheater with an unobstructed view of Lake Caldaro, starts at an elevation of 230 meters, on a level with the lake itself. Behind it, high above, lies the hamlet of Castelvecchio. The vineyard’s deep, humus-rich, sandy-loam soil on calcareous gravel nurtures some of our signature wines.
The lake and the vineyard weave invisible threads, helping each other, harmonizing, moistening, cooling. Off the hill runs water that the soil and vines do not need.
The slightest change of orientation to the sun makes a difference. The Seehof is where our scintillating varieties grow – and each on ideal soil, ventilated by wind and bathed in sunlight.
Vigna Bischofsleiten, a steep site planted with Schiava grapes trained on traditional pergolas, is also the name of our Lago di Caldaro Schiava, a wine that has a special place in the heart of Georg Count Kuenburg.
Particularly close to the soil, with its warmth and powers, are the Merlot grapes, which are used to make our Merlot Nussleiten, a multiple award-winning wine and quiet highlight of every wine tasting.
The rows of vines planted with Moscato Rosa may be few in number, but the care and attention shown to these exceptional grapes is great. A gift of love and greeting from the home of his ancestors, Prince Enrico of Campofranco brought them to Lake Caldaro in 1892. For well over a hundred years they have now been growing here, still a fragile beauty from the South. Exquisite aromas are a fine reward for diligent work and knowledgeable hands.
In our vineyard at Seehof, the grapes for our Chardonnay Marei – a homage to Maria Raineria, Princess of Campofranco – and for our Cabernet Sauvignon find just the right place to fully develop their varietal flavors and get ready for the journey into our cellar, into the bottle, and into the glass.

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